Everything you need - and don’t

What To Bring

High River, Alberta is a full-service Town with a reputation for friendly hospitality. Numerous restaurants, diners and cafes can be found throughout as well as retailers, accommodations and basic services. Below is a list of items you may find useful during your stay:

  • Rain jacket and umbrella

  • A warm layer

  • Refillable water bottle

  • Fully charged cell phone

  • Toque and mittens for the evening

  • Camera

  • Comfortable shoes

  • A camping chair for those who may require a seat

  • Cash - many vendors will be cash-only

What Not To Bring

  • Pets - our event is family friendly but unfortunately we cannot accommodate pets at any of the events.

  • Valuables - large crowds can lead to misplaced items.

  • Alcohol - many establishments in Town would be happy to serve you a drink before or after the events.

  • Glass containers - use shatterproof containers instead

  • Weapons of any sort

  • Drones - these could interfere with the safety of the pilots.

  • Lasers - any type of light that could be distracting for the pilots could pose a safety threat to drivers and balloon pilots.